Sunday, May 25

my happily ever after: the venue

well I am happy to report that we have actually been looking into the venue... its happening! so here is where we stand right now in the venue category of the choosing of the every last detail.... all i can say is thank goodness i have an outlet to write down and actually get my thoughts out of my head and somewhere i actually see them, and they don't disappear...

location one: Elks Lodge Tower.
Capacity: 250
feel: open classic old ball room
Thoughts: I went and saw this beauty last thursday morning with my mom. I first saw a window display of the ballroom (if thats what you wanna call it) out one night earlier this month. wrote down the website, and made an appointment... Looking on the website, and seeing the pictures had me a little discouraged, not going to lie, this is a big deal and honesty is the best policy. So sadly I went in with a little bit of a disposition.  Once i walked into the massive open space my shrugging shoulders couldn't be raised any higher. The room is gorgeous,  massive and surprisingly warm and airy at the same time, there are two massive balconies on both sides of the hall. there are numerous large windows, and it being on second floor gives us the chance to open them. sadly the view is nonexistent    but we have to decide if that is important. I love it.. its beautiful and amazing and a tad gaudy which i am all about and its gold, and princess esque... we could have a good time there for sure.

location two: beatnik Studios
Capacity: 150-200
feel: industrial, art gallery, open
Thoughts: oh man. Where to begin? I loved the venue, I loved the feel of the space, the brick accent wall, Elisabeth; the lady we met with for the initial meeting. She was wonderful, A ray of sunshine, easy to talk to with warm eyes, that made me feel safe, and not stressed, insightful and everything I needed. Granted it was the second venue we've seen but in my mind it's a strong contender. And all upfront no hidden fees is a plus for sure. i love that it is one big open room. but I also wish there was more... I would still like an outdoor area

location three: The Antiquté  ( need to make an appointment ... update later)

location four: Flower Farm
Capacity: 240
feel: bed and breakfast
Thoughts: I liked the concept of this wedding venue. I love the idea of having the ceremony and a cocktail hour outside and then a reception inside a "barn" reception hall.. sadly the things I didn't like about the venue out weighed the things I did like about it. I loved the idea of having a few rooms to stay that night and then a big catered farm house breakfast in the morning. Thats about it. oh and the bocci ball court. i liked that.... so i can say that sadly this place is a definite no. But I'm down to look at more similar venues .

location five: McKinely Park Clunie Building (also need to make an appointment ... update later)

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