Sunday, May 25

The Sunday skinny: May 25th 2014

Tuesday: yoga bright and early at 6 am. Still so in love with it and the fact that it's a physical activity that we do a couple. but man oh man, Yoga is so hard,  so so hard. i feel defeated during and after every week. I keep hearing people tell me "it takes time...", "it'll get easier...", "you'll get more flexible..." . Will I? will it? I am very impatient and i don't like failing... so ay, theres my tuesday.
whatever excuse I make up, I'm still gonna go, I'm still gonna push myself, and try my hardest. especially on the classes where its just me and bk with our personal yoga instructor. today was awesome, I will definitely be in some pain tomorrow...

(and then there was silence for the rest of the week) 
gross... i know

I can honestly say this week was deplorable. I failed so hard at fitness in any sense of the word...
but i did make it to yoga on tuesday, and she kicked my ass so bad that i was in pain till friday... but the good pain, just the stretched out tight feeling.. i feel horrible about my lack of commitment but this week i tell ya, i will back to it... and get on track... promise (to myself most)

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