Monday, May 12

Covet: shampoo and conditioner

I am obsessed with the newest members  of the shampoo and conditioner family from bumble and bumble. 

The new hairdressers invisible oil shampoo and conditioner are heaven sent for hair types of all kinds. 

I love love love the way the new babes make my hair look and feel. That's huge people. I have never liked my hair (until now)... I can now wash my hair once every third day instead of waiting a week in between washes. It's soft and supple. And smooth; oh man smooth hair?! Amazing. I love it. I highly recommend it for everyone. Just try it. 

It's bumbles version of the Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner I feel like. But it doesn't stain the hair. And it's not as heavy and doesn't build up on the cuticle. It cuts down drastically on styling time. And the new uv/heat protectant is a great addition to routines. just replace your prep or tonic with the new spray and watch the brush flow through the hair. 

So stop by any bumble and bumble salon and pick up a sample of my new lovely best friends :). You'll thank me after you blow dry. 

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