Sunday, May 11

the Sunday skinny: May 11th, 2014

Its time. 

I need to lose weight. 
there I said it... I know its true and I need to do something about it. 
Instead of just talking about it, I need to take action. 

the realizing is the easy part, I know that, but what comes next? 

a plan? I was hoping it would just come to me, but it hasn't yet. Pinterest will most likely guide me and help me with everything, no? i sure hope so.... I'm banking on you getting me skinny pinterest, don't screw this up....

I've had a lot fun eating whatever I want and sitting around and being lazy for 29 years now. My metabolism is finally slowing down.. its not working at the speed that it used to... I need to act like an adult and take responsibilities for my actions and more importantly my health.

I have seen my best friend loose a lot of weight for her upcoming trip to Mexico in five days. FIVE DAYS!!!! i wanna go to mexico.... she looks and feels great, and I'm envious (in the best way possible :).)  of her dedication and the results she has seen.

Another good friend of mine got married yesterday and she looked beautiful and fit, while i looked wider than i would have liked to look in the pictures. That to me was my final straw. I want to look great in my wedding photos next year. I figured i have a year to get in shape. loose some weight, and look and feel great in my skin... 

its time. 

its time that I started taking better of myself, so starting tomorrow I'm gonna wake up early and do something about it. (a groupon dvd box set i got...) and if that doesn't work I have a Jillian Michaels dvd that Ive only opened once a year or so ago.... and a friend of mine just got her yoga certification training finished with so she is doing some yoga classes... I love how yoga makes me feel, I just wish I could start out with great balance and flexibility instead of having to learn it... I don't like to wait ;)

So every sunday I am starting a series of posts of the work outs I did that past week and progress pictures and my current weight and measurements. (I know weekly isn't the best idea; don't you not see much progress that way? but i hope it keeps me motivated and keeps me going on this journey which i hope will get easy and fun...) Any new recipes I tried that week. and what my push up and sit up counts are up to....

lets show you what I'm working with.... :-/

weight: 138 lbs.
height: 5'7
body fat: 28.4%

arm: 10"
bust: 35.5"
waist: 30"
hips: 34.5"
thighs: 37.5"

my goals for weight loss, besides being healthier, happier, and having more energy, (gonna get shallow for a second) I want to see less cellulite on my thighs; I'd also like them not to touch, I want my chicken wing arms tighter and more firm, I want my stomach to not have folds when I sit for long periods of time, and lastly i would like my armpit fat to be gone once and for all. 

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