Tuesday, January 21

Thrifting Treasures: LA Gears

I have a love affair with thrift stores. It's not a secret. But I am no where near the title of thrifter aficionado I strive to be one day. Luckily I have a friend of mine who is by far way closer to the title if not already holds the a membership in the group I long to be associated with. I was surprised yesterday while at work work with these beauties on my front step. Bk found them on his way out and it brightened my day to say the least. 

And the sweet note didn't hurt either. Secret Best friend /coworker/ neighbor shoes! eep! Now I just need to find the coiled laces. I know some might remember them. If you do; you receive +45 cool points in my book. You're welcome. 

So of course I had to wear them
Today. And they are by far my favorite shoes now. I love love love them. That is a very subdued description of what I really for these glorious feet covers. I hope they last forever and ever!!

What are your favorite thrift finds? Where did you find them/it? Did you have a plan? Or did you just go thrifting? I would love to hear your different techniques !! Happy thrifting Tuesday! 

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