Thursday, January 30

conquering cooking: enchilada chicken

One of my many New Years resolutions is to make more homemade meals.Stop eating out of a box, bag, or at a restaurant for my lunches and our dinners. To hopefully be healthier, try new reciepes, save some money, and to try and have some fun in the kitchen.
While also trying to get more acclimated with kitchen and hopefully enjoy cooking as hobby instead of just having to "make dinner" every  night. 
this will be an on going process and my im excited to share my trials along the way. lets get to it!
I am a huge fan of mexican food. I am pretty sure I could and would eat it for every meal if it were feesable to survive on just beans and rice and deepfried toritillas and still look not bloated. anyways, Its my safe place, usually... cut up some lettuces, tomato, onion, cook some meat, warm up some beans, and bam. you have yourself a meal that could take you down many different avenues.... win. Right? I thought so until last week when I noticed how bored I was with the usual taco bar I usually set up. I needed something that was new and exciting, tasty yet safe, easy and quick, I know; I sometimes tend to need  a lot. Luckily I have a great side kick: (enter stage left) the crock pot ladies and gentlemen!

My coworker told me a recipe of her own three days ago so I decided I needed to see how good it really was. let me tell you: easy, tasty, new, and quick all things I need for a new go to reciepe. and luckily this meal cost me zero dollars, I already had all the ingredients! huzzah. please dont think I have a fully stocked kitchen, far from it, its just that this reciepe only requires three ingredients. yep. mind blown right?!.. thanks crock pot.
 this is it; all of it...
Then you add the frozen chicken breast to the crock pot. cover with sauce, then the onion, then the salt and pepper.
turn the crock pot on and cover for 10 hours. I work till eight most nights so dinner that I can set and forget until i get home is my favorite way to go.
thats really the only two steps. then when you get back to the meal after having a full day of activities fun or otherwise ;) remove chicken and seperate with a fork.
thats it. do what you want with it. eat it on a sandwich, put it on top of a salad, put it in enchiladas and bake (thats way too much work for me on a work night),

TACOS, over rice, ooooor like Bk did since I was still at work; TAQUITOS!!!!. 

So after you have fork shredded chicken in a bowl, take your tortilas and warm them with oil, or in the microwave... both not very nutirious, but its a neccesary evil... we microwaved ours. then add about a tablespoon of the chicken, sprinkle with cheese and roll... secure with a toothpick and set on a foil lined baking sheet. put into a oven that has been preheated to 450 degrees if youre going the baking route like we did. or you can fry them in a shallow pan with some vegetable oil.... which ever way you decide i can guarentee that it'll be delicous!

mmmmmm... delicous! just add cheese on top and a little greek yougurt! then when we were done I froze the left overs and now we have dinner or lunch again! yay!    !    !  happy cooking everyone. I call this a success, and i cant wait to conquer another cooking experience soon.

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