Thursday, January 16

new years turkey

New years eve this year was so much fun. 
We didn't have a plans. all the parties we were hoping on fell through. 
So around five in the pm the two other main gentlemen in my life  besides bk came in for haircuts, 
so killing two birds with one stone we brainstormed the plans for the evening while I gussied them up. after a couple of dead ends ideas and two haircut/shampoos we finally decided that we should go bowling for new years eve! 

 I am fairly obsessed with bowling, I don't find it weird, dated, or pathetic at all.. I would be absolutely giddy (giddy would be an understatement) if i got the chance to join a weekly bowling league. It might happen sooner than you might scoff at; I've been doing my research into such matters. if anyone in the Sacramento area actually knows of any place that houses such weekly events please send me information...

so after my work day was over we headed over to Shawni and Andys' place to have a little time together and eat some dinner before we headed over to our lanes. Our reservations were at ten thirty. not very much time to bowl but enough time to have a great time. That's pretty much the only words that are necessary the pictures tell the story of the night so much better.

 ^here is our hostess with the menu for the evening:
 willies and champagne^

^I can say so many things about my best friend. but this picture just shows one of the reasons^
^pre-gaming before we headed out. we lost count^

 in front of our venue for the evening
^Shawni taking a selfie, she is so adorable^

i love the fact that they provided us with hats, headbands, beaded necklaces, poppers, and a variety of noisemakers

^ that's the start of the "i just threw a strike" dance^

you can think  i got a strike if you want to :)

^cooling down the hand thats on fire, no big deal^

pure happiness and so much fun^

so handsome^^

any chance to show it off right? ha jk^

1!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! balloon drop, poppers, noise makes going off around the alley and the nye nyc ball drop on the screens... ^^^

I love this shot

as well as this action shot^^^

so all and all the night was a blast. I am very happy with how the evening ended up coming about. The whole going somewhere for new years eve has always been a discussion and I am very thrilled with the outcome. Ringing in the new year with some of the people I love doing something I enjoy was a great tradition or if nothing less that a great way to start the new year doing something out of the norm for me. 

I hope everyone had a glorious and bright new years eve two thousand and fourteen. I hope this  year brings you happiness and joy!

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