Saturday, January 4

My One Little Word 2014

I have decided to be more involved in my project life spreads this year. I also have decided to do monthly or semi monthly spread pages instead of weekly since I would just get behind and frustrated last year which would lead to me getting discouraged, I know that's not the purpose of the whole project life so this go around I'm changing my outlook and my attitude towards it.

i have signed up for Ali Edwards one little word 2014 ! I am very excited to broaden my horizons and also have more fun and expression instead of just writing down what has happened this or that week followed by pictures. trying to make it more about me, selfish yes. but this whole scrapbook process is my doing so i should do something with it that makes me happy and helps me grow.

so for choosing my word i thought it would come easy to me... I of course was wrong, i couldn't narrow down just one word at the beginning... i didn't know if i should do fun and witty, funny, serious, literal, and or just copy Ali's "thrive", because honestly its a really good word for the year and it would work perfectly for me and all that i want to accomplish... then i thought about positive, happy, and smile, all things that i really really want this year. then i went onto positive, confidence, growth, expand, save, wealth, all things relating to work. Then i got to me, the whole reason why i wanted to do this exercise in the first place, love, accept, positive (which was the front runner until i decided on....the real word of the year) and SHINE.

my one little word for 2014 is SHINE... and oh man once it popped in my head it hasn't left... so I know for certain this is the word for me... I want to shine this year in absolutely every possible way...
inside, outside, vocally, emotionally, relationships, work, life, crafts, mentally, I want to blind people.... dazzle.. wow them and me.... I am so so so excited now for this chance to make this happen

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