Tuesday, October 22

The best day of my life

This is a lengthy one folks... 
Bear with me, this is the story I have always wished I'd be able to tell one day, and it couldn't of been any better for me to have it go down exactly how it did. We're engaged and this is how it all happened:

We had a planned a weekend getaway to big sur for our anniversary. Big sur. someplace I've never been but have always  wanted to. And actually having two days off for labor day weekend made us crazy if we didn't take full advantage of the opportunity. We never take weekend trip mainly because I cant with work (saturday being your money maker has its draw backs... ) but I always wanted to be able just hop in the car and stay somewhere for the night. That's why everyone loves Sacramento; so close to everything; but of course I become a hairstylist, weekends are not yours anymore. Well this was our chance and our anniversary presented itself as the perfect excuse to do it, I was so excited. 

We started our mini vacation on the road in the summer heat listening to the our music, so good, so loud, and so tone deaf as I scream the lyrics all the way down the coast.. Poor guy, then as soon as we hit Monterey the weather changed to the ocean-ey goodness that goes along with the coast. Drastically cooler, and slightly muggy, with ocean mist drifting inland everywhere. We drove up to big sur and had lunch at a little diner in the middle of the forest. It was super sunny and warm. Beautiful Sunday indeed. After we refueled on chicken strips and blue moons we headed back up the coast back to Carmel to check in at our hotel a block from the ocean. It was so nice looking out our window and seeing the ocean..l I could get used to it. We unpacked, made dinner reservations, and they delivered iced champagne to our room. Adorable. Then went down to the bar. They had 5 cent wine special. From 5 to 5:05 Granted it wasn't very good, it was still a nickel, I forced myself to drink like four sips...after sitting on the bar deck patio overlooking the beautiful ocean It was time actually go to the beach. The hotel is in the heart of carmel, right in the middle of the residential neighborhood. It felt like we were taking our typical sunday walk a block from "our place" down to the beach. Felt so right. I have never felt sand that soft, never, Hawaiian sand can't even compare, It was amazing. After toe wiggling, soaking and breathing it all in, we ventured back to the hotel to let bk change for dinner. I got drink the bubbly while he showered and changed. 

Then we walked around downtown Carmel and just take it all in. Most of the shops were either closed on Sunday's, or the fact that is was a holiday, or being as it was 6ish they were closing up shops. Most of the shops were either restaurants, coffee shops, or galleries. Nothing would make me happier than to have an abundance of all three in a 14 square block. But the hills. Man on man are there some steep hills. It was like a mini hike. We found an awesome gallery that had an artist that specialized in painting F1 paintings. No really we did, lucky bk he actually  got to do something he wanted to. I have to admit the artist was amazing and one of the pieces was beautiful. If only we had enough of the monies to take one of those puppies home. 

Someday. We kept saying "someday" all day. It was adorable. We will own one of these houses  "someday", "someday" we'll get one of theses painting for our office. 

We found a bar that reminded us of a bar in our neck of the woods, a little dive-y, a little dirty, but a little bit too expensive. But we got a drink before dinner anyways, but they were strong for the cost. So all panned out. And it was awesome, we were alone, just the four of us, the bartender, the owner, and the two of us. It was great, great enough that we made plans to come back after dinner. 

Dinner. Oh dinner, we went to a little Italian place. Cute. But we got seated at the corner spot right next to the kitchen door, (of course). We splurged and got a nice bottle of wine. The bread they served was delicious. And we got olives. Mmmmm, the food was good. The waitress was pretensions and didn't make at kind of eye contact. She got my order wrong, and never came back to check on our meal... Irritating. But I wasn't gonna let that ruin my fabulous trip.

 Then we headed back to our "home" bar for a couple of drinks. Where bk had the wild idea to go to the beach. Granted by this time it is 10:30 pm.... And I'm a worry wart. Let's just say it that way ;)... But i decided since we've doing everything I wanted to do, it was time to do what he wanted to do... And this was it. I had the idea to pick up a bottle of Dr. Pepper and two little airplane bottles of crown; so we can have a night cap on the beach to say farewell to our lovely weekend before we had to head home tomorrow. 

We headed back to the room to charge my dead telephone. And put a hoodie on. It was almost 11 pm at this point by now. And then little did I know we went on a life changing adventure. 

It was the most perfect and beautiful scene. It reminded my of Hawaii except there wasn't lights from the resort glowing down from the walkways, and the full moon wasn't out in all of its glory.. So I guess in a sense it was nothing like Hawaii.. The only similarity was that we were the only ones on the beach... This beach was dark, pitch black, it was a new moon. And being on a beach with sea side residences; which I'm assuming are all vacation rentals, and it being 11:20 pm. All lights were off. It was just me, bk, the beach, and the ocean. It was beautiful. Perfect. But don't forget that I am a worrier, and boy oh boy was I nervous. I did not wanna get arrested for being on the beach after dark; it's illegal you know. You know what else is illegal? Drinking on the beach... Welp, we were doing that too. So all I wanted to do was drink as quickly as we could and get back into the safety of the neighborhood, fast... Not that I wasn't enjoying myself. But it was after eleven pm and we had been go go since early this morning consuming a bit of alcohol and jeeze was I tired. About three minutes into experience the beauty which is the solitude of the dark beach, I see a single headlight on the beach. Security. Of course. That's exactly what I need to see. I panic. But of course bk is there to be logical. The security guard is probably 45-70 ft away from us and since it's pitch black he cannot see us... He persuades me to run to the stairs we came down to beach from and stand on the landing and wait. ((so movie-esque, I'll tell you what) it was comical. Thinking back I laugh out loud every time. Seeing him trip on the first stair covered by sand. Scamper up just in time to turn around and see ATV loudly drive on by and never look back)) after that I'm much more relaxed. We beat the game. We avoided the boss and I at ease. So we finish our night caps and I'm ready to go. Back to hotel and go to bed. I'm so sleepy. So i figure I'll head the short walk back home I get about six feet away from him. When I hear,
 "Stop! Come back, I need your phone."
"I don't have my phone it's dead up in the room. But I have a room key so were okay, c'mon, we don't need it," I say trying to appease him since his tone was very serious and frantic. I see him looking down at the sand so I walk back over to where he is stone cold still.
"no, i dropped something, very, VERY, important in the sand..." 
"okaaaay??? What ?" 
Mumbling obscenities for about a minute
"this is not how this was supposed to happen, i ruin everything..."
"WHAT are you talking about ?! Gosh Brian, no you don't. Let's go to bed"
"No I can't. We can't. God. You're engagement ring is in the sand!"
"Shut up!"
"I brought you out here to ask you to marry me, and it fell out of my pocket. I need your help."
"shut up, really?!"
Well a couple of minutes of scouring the sand resulted in me finding bottle cap. Which I'd like to think it was ours from our dr pepper bottle. Luckily I found the ring near said cap. I found my ring in the sand! Crazy. I handed it back to him and asked him to try again, he said no thank you. I don't blame him. He asked me simply and plainly heartfelt, "will you marry me?" with a heavy sigh and relief all over his face I threw myself at him. I no longer cared about the security guard or being intoxicated on the beach after dark. He wouldn't arrest us right ? He just proposed to me. Cut us a break. After the shock of possibly never finding the ring wore off we replayed the story in detail on the walk back to the hotel where we picked up our charging phones and called parents... Who knew. Sneaky sneaky. But he being the best only told those four people. That's it. No one else knew. What a great feeling. To have this moment only happen to the two of us forever and no one knew before us. Great work babe.

ya, I am accident prone. i fall quite a bit. but i wore a skirt, and this is the after math of searching in the sand

Then we decided to really go get a night cap and celebrate the relief that were each others for ever. He was much more relaxed and very happy for the rest of the evening. It was fabulous. It was magical. Perfect in every way. And I couldn't of asked for a better engagement story for me and the love of my life. 

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Liz said...

Love this story and the both of you. I'm so happy I get to be part of your special day!!