Friday, October 11

Dream weaver

I never claim to have great music taste. I don't claim to know all the new artists on the 100 top artists. But I do love the music that I love.  I know everyone has a soft spot for the music of their youth. But the music of my late teens to my mid twenties molded my life. Pathetic, maybe. But honest, yes indeed... 

My life revolved around the music. Literally and figuratively. My whole life. Everything i did was for it, every song spoke to me, the lyrics made sense, the angst, the hurt, the pining for someone who doesn't want you back. Haha (like i said; pathetic). Then came the bands, the artists, the musicians. Man oh man, how I adored them. Gypsies in vans, stopping through town for a big or a couple of hours. Being young and having a part time job that let me get off by 9-11am made it ridiculously easy to go to all the shows I wanted. I also very luckily found some good connections in town, and became family... Most of my dearest closest friends were formed from going to shows and meeting people... I never realized I was good at networking ( (I wasn't, it was my friends I was with) nevertheless ) but the connections stuck.... So from the shows, songs, road trips, and venues grew my family. And the songs and bands from the time period I am speaking of make my heart and mind travel to back the happy young wild and free, and since enough time has passed and the past is the past. The hurt is gone, because if we're being honest here, there was an abundance of that. But now I can fondly look back at all of the angles, and just smile and not regret any of it.... I am who I am because of it all. 

This morning I caught a glimpse of a cd cover from one of my most memory filled Albums on @siskybusiness instagram and it made me crave it all again. It comes in wave the need to remember, And it usually happens at the beginning of fall, that when it all started. End of summer early fall... Here I go, tearing up again... But back to the point of the post. As I was doing my hardest wishing to the music gods, I put my pandora on my "best reunion tour" playlist and I thought; "hot dog, at would be a great line up indeed" so I had to write down my younger selfs dream tour, and my present day play,it's that makes me late for work because I'm screaming and dancing around the bathroom. If only it could happen, here's my dream come true tour of 2014: (in no particular order)

The academy is...

Something corporate 

A rocket to the moon 

Every avenue 


Scary kids scaring kids 


Matchbook romance 

A static lullaby 


The spill canvas 


Juliana theory 

Also Feautiring: brand new, thrice, storymofmthe year, say anything, Thursday, every time I die, at the drive in, motion city soundtrack, Jamison Parker, and Hawthorne heights....

It'd be a huge tour and probably about three days long; and they would play all of my favorite songs.  And then they would also play together.... So that's my dream blast from the past, what about you 
? What reunions would you like to see ???


Liz said...

This is amazing. I'm now going to listen to all of these albums on Spotify right meow.

Ckah Ayers said...

I know!!!!! So so so good