Monday, October 28


I finally had enough time to sit at the computer and finally get out my idea for my blog header.... I wish I had illustrator?

but its basically how I would want it done professionally. So its better than nothing, and i have the warm and fuzzies for it since it was made by me... go me!

happy first Monday of fall feeling weather.. i hope you had a great weekend, mine consisted of new projects, that i will post about soon. I also tried to play catch up with project life as much as i could handle in one sitting. I have finally finished august, I even got to tackle the dreaded engagement page. but its done; phew and now i only have a month and three weeks of catch up.... cross your fingers i can get two weeks a done a night and be caught up when November finally comes. I also got bk to sand down one more of the dining room chairs. whoop. one painted, two sanded, only three more to go. I'm crossing my fingers that the weather stays warm enough for the paint to dry outside on sundays; seeing as the only time I have to do 'em.

Its insane to think that October is almost over.. over.. the holiday season? the shakes of nervousness in sue. just breathe

 are you excited for the holidays?

what did you do this weekend?

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