Tuesday, October 29


I did a little Art piece last night. 
This was an easy hour long endeavor once the wood was dry.

I found some art pieces online that gave me either an inspiration or I am saving my pennies to purchase. 
I had a piece of wood that I stained And let dry. I used ebony stain. Black. Beauty. Get it ? 

Then after it dried I printed out my inspiration and taped it to the wood. Then the hard part. Nailing all the intersections. That was the tedious part. And kind of a labyrinth of placing the nails at the right time so you could all the spots. I started from the middle and worked out. If I were to do it again I would do the little corners first. Tips and tricks. I'm full of em. Im a wealth of knowledge. You're welcome. ;)

Then the string. Double knot it and get to work.  I chose simple lines for this piece instead of filling it all in. But it's your preference. I have ideas for presents for Christmas and I also wanna do an intricate feather for my next one. For a mantle that will always just be in my imagination 

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