Wednesday, October 30

Cold silence

As I started on my short one point one mile bike ride to work I had two thoughts pop into my head. The first being I need desperately to invest in some gloves, man are mornings cold. I still can't really feel my fingers. The second being why is cold symphonious with quiet? Silent, even is a better word for it in this case. It was a very cold morning at our house. It has definatly not started off as my day. It's been a tense week and it will all turn around tomorrow with it being my day off and I can get so much done. (hopefully). But why is the silence between two people cold? Why is it not hot? Isn't anger relatively grouped with heat? Blood boiling? Why is it so icy when projected then? 

Then the real thinking occurred while I was riding this morning. It was so quiet. I know it was partially because I forgot my lock, so that was clanging about on the handle bars. But it brisk, quiet, and refreshing. All usually related to cold. I just would like to know why? is it because the birds don't like cold so they dont wake up when i do during the winter? no one rides their bikes anymore? I didn't hear anything. And then a piece of metal clanged on the ground in some shop on my way and it was so much louder than it would be normally.. I felt the sound it slice thru the air.... It was beautiful. I love silence. I love the cold silence. I just wish I knew why it was so cold, so eeriely silent. 

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