Tuesday, October 1


I've finally been feeling motivation to get my unfit behind into exercising... It might be in lue of the upcoming nuptials; 
Whenever they might be. But whatever my motivation, or desire, it's there and I'm going with it full heartedly. That being said I've done a couple things to help my mind and body get more acquainted with psychical activity and it feels...gulp... Good! Really really good! And oh man am I relieved. (thats a huge understatement, let me tell you ;) ) 

I am not active, or flexible. I am a very lazy person.. I know this and I have accept it. But the past two weeks have been eye opening and muscle loosing... 

My lovely and gracious friend Holly started a boot camp about five weeks ago. And Unfortunatly for me I can't make it to her Tuesday, Thursday regularly scheduled nights of pain and agony because of my work schedule... Granted I do have Thursday as one one my days off, I have been super busy at the salon and have been taking some of my clients on Thursday because I'm a nice and over accommodating person. So I finally went to my first boot camp a month after everyone else involved. Eeeeeeewwww wwwwweeeeeehhhhh.... That's basically the only noise I can make to express how I felt after completing that "interval training". Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it ? The exercises sure were sweat makers, which is good right? I was sore till yesterday, different places everyday were letting me know they existed, good to know, but what I found odd and so enjoyable was that the soreness I felt was arguably welcomed and embraced by my usually unaccepting mind...awesome, I know!!! So excited to get to do it again Thursday. Gross. Excited for exercise, heheh.... I also ran my first mile since high school. Under eleven minutes without stopping, I am not upset with the time, I am more happy with myself for not stopping. Even after every turn I sure did want to. 

And theeeeen I did something I never would ever occur, I went to my first yoga class this morning. Before this morning this was the following equation, Me + yoga = ya right = most unflexibile person ever + uncoordinated + no balance ....  But fast forward to right now, and my mind is blown... I did it. Probably not right, but to the best of my capability at the moment. Ya my muscles are tight and there's muscles in my backlight now I didn't think existed, but jeeze, that was probably one of the most intense feelings of (lack of) strength and building.... My core which I know you're supposed to activate in most exercise actually was throbbing, which means it was working right???? Stretching blew my mind. I had no idea. I never understood yoga, and granted I still don't. My perception of what it was was way off and I am not ashamed to admit it. Being my first time doing yoga ever I think the experience was intense (for lack of a better word), hard, and intimidating... I'm going to have to give it another try tommorow to see how I really feel about it. With time I know I'll get better with the poses and the technique, and I'm really excited. I hope i get hooked. Because if my body can burn like that three times a week that's gotta be working towards something, even if it is a simple goal like touching my toes, because I can't do that. Nor have I ever been able... 

But just being excited about workingout is a huge step for me. I couldn't be happier, and I can't wait to see results, come on pintrest worthy body, let's get together and make beautiful outfits together!!!! I wish I could've had this motivation and drive when I was 24.... Oh well better late than never right? 
What workouts work best for you ? Tips and tricks for either boot camps or yoga? I would love anything 

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