Wednesday, September 4


We're engaged!!!!

I have been hoping and dreaming of this day Since I was a we lass.... I have watched too many rom come and fabulous love stories in  movies. And oh man the plots and story lines are always lavish, beautiful, and romantic. All things that in my head I always I thought would be "the way" I wanted it or "needed it" to be.... Then I grew up, I figured out that life is not like the movies.... (The sad part about that learned knowledge was that it didn't get absorbed until I was like 23 :-/..) The male species I interact with cannot and will not ever emulate the brillant and romantic thought process of characters portrayed by actors on the screen, a. because they cant, and b. they dont watch said movies because "they're dumb", so alas they will never learn from the best :). Also, I have a very vivid and active imagination. My head is an ever evolving screen play or (korean drama) television series; chalked full of amazing and beautiful moments that only I could come up with. Trust me, they're usually awesome and very well developed. 

I also learned as I got older I am not one to evoke a lot of attention, I am a shy and introverted person, I don't need a spotlight, i don't need all eyes on me, i hide from eyes, if someone on the street makes eye contact with me or looks at me in passing I assume there is something on my face... Usually resulting in me finding a mirror or asking anyone I'm with if latter statement is true. 

So my lavish ideas and intepretations of how I would want my proposal to unfold was realistically ebbed away by a more comfortable and personal idea of just me and him. Whomever him might end up being. 

Luckily for me he is the perfect him for me; and now he will be my him for all my days. Sappy yes. Sorry no. 

I finally feel confident enough to show & tell every side of me. Express everything, word, or emotion wise. Starting with this post.... As ridiculous and absurd as a single question and a "silly ring" (my mindset seven days ago) could change my every insecure thought about myself, mend any broken confidence i had, it did.... and I couldn't be more proud or honored to be wearing a silly beautiful and amazing little token of an amazing love of an amazing him; never imagined in my amazing imagination. 

It hasn't sunk in yet. Bare with me...

I never thought this little space online would become my venting and idea space..... but thats what im afraid it will turn into for the next year. so here goes nothing...

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