Monday, July 22

Mid year resolutions: 2013

I have so much new found inspiration (from the new high ceilings; I hear they promote creativity; which i am not opposed to) and happiness now that we are getting things put (up and) away at the new place. I want to do so many things. Here's the long and short of it.

-Catch up.
-Learn. (x2)

Catch up- on my scrapbook; I love project life. I love scrapbooking. It's one of my favorite things. Gotta get caught up...I'm currently way back on the last week of may. Gotta find some time to get some of these past weeks done and be caught up. 

Learn- how to play guitar... Music is my first love. Its magical, and everything beautiful. I have always been drawn to. I'd have be the only thing I would eat/drink if I could find a way... But I don't have rhythm some never picked up an instrument really... I played clarinet for a year in third grade, but then switched to flute, played for three years... But I wanna learn to play guitar. Just to be able to strum a chord progression outside. Make a little ditty out of nothing... Makes me swoon just thinking about it...

Learn- how to Properly use a camera... I love and live with a photographer, I love pictures, I love memories. why shouldn't I learn how to use a camera properly and enhance all three of my loves ? My thought exactly, no good reason not to. So boom. Get that started once bi gets his camera back from the shop so I can stop using my poor excuse for a camera known as an iPhone 4. The sad sided that is, my current point and shoot is worse than my phone... Whomp whomp 

Enhance- my painting skills. I always wanted to be good at something. Doesn't everyone? I mean I'm good at sleeping, but that's not fun and only I can enjoy it .... So I love painting, so I'm thinking about looking into a class into honing my skill. 

Polish- my skin.... I can't even remember the last facial I had. I need a peel like no ones business... I want to be better at taking care of my skin, it's the only one I get :)... So work on my regimen, is going to be one of my new top priorities... Calling it a hobby makes it seem more fun than a hassle in my eyes :)!

Read- more of my books on my 30 before 30 list.  I've gotten distracted in the past couple months. Stupid k dram's... Why do you suck me in? Why do I spend hours of day/weeks/mo s dedicated to watching you? Why must you be adorable and horrible at the same time?! Anyways. It's time to get my reading back into the major form of entertainment... Especially without having cable now is the time before bk gets his direct tv back on for football season...

So there's the goals and aspirations for me for the rest of the year. I am so excited and ready to start getting this ball rolling... Do you have any mid year resolutions? Goals? Hopes? I'd love to hear and help in any way I can 


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