Tuesday, August 6

Queen of bad timing

Why is it that as soon as you have an idea or inspiration for a project (art or otherwise) you don't have time to do it ? Or is it just me? Either way it's really starting to frustrate me, I know I have to make time for things of this nature (art/painting/scrapbooking). But it's summer and as much as I'm about to complain, I love the fact that we constantly have a birthday party, dinner date, people over on any given weekday night...

But how to do find a balance? When do you say no to having a friend over to work on a painting? Practice using the Camera ? Or trying to learn a chord progression on the g-tar? 

I am just so overwhelmed by everything that I want to do ... That's the hardest part to swallow for me..l I want to do these things... Not need, but really really want to... I wanna paint a picture for the dining room... I want to catch up on project life, seeing as how I'm only on the second week of June... I just want to get caught up... I want to paint dining room chairs as soon as the table comes in...I want to hang pictures, just got the hooks from amazon...l want to .... I want to learn how to use the camera bk is letting me use for so many things... Landscapes, living, non living things, hair, editorial things... Wants. 

We had a class at the salon Monday morning (yesterday) that was very inspiring and made me want,to do so much more. A stylist from a salon from Reno came to show us her submission that she submitted for a bumble and bumble and W magazine contest. She was one of the six semi finalists. But man. It made me want to get into more editorial work. Even if it's just for my own entertainment!

Here's the hair that I did yesterday morning 

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Liz said...

Um, please do that hair on me. I will trade you in puppy kisses.