Tuesday, June 25


My favorite part of the moving process has begun. Unpacking!!! I love it. It's like tons and tons of presents, or lots of packages from my beloved amazon... ;). I love opening boxes and seeing what's inside. With packing its a little different, I know what's inside and I either love it, keep it, or hate it, toss it... So unpacking also includes purging, multi tasking, I know I'm a prodigy. 

Anywho ... It's coming along. Slowly and stress free which is fabulous and a new moving technique I haven't experienced before. I think I'm in love with it. Two weeks! I still have two weeks to get all the little things out of the old place and clean it at the end. So nice. So relaxing, which is a word that I don't generally hear associated with moving... But it's been a breeze. It also doesn't hurt that Saturday was the big day, the bulk of it, the heavy lifting of furniture and bigger items, and I had to work... So I didn't get to help, but I think of it as "I stayed out of the way" ...

We have been in a shopping frenzy trying to get organized as much as possible in the beginning. We're not used to having so much space to fill up, and it's daunting just thinking about the possibilities. To have a place for everything, everything, a place, things put away... Mind blown (officially) but I'm armed with real simple magazine and pinterest for ideas and tools to help me and get me through a issue I have only dreamed about. :) 

We have stayed in our new place for three days now... It's crazy how different a couple extra hundred square feet make. I actually lost bk once. It was surreal, and different from our last place where I couldn't walk two feet from him in any direction at any given time for lack of space. 

But for lack of a better term, I'm happy. Excited. Ready. Willing. Pumped? 

If there are any tips, tricks, articles, advice, anything you have for me, I would greatly appreciate it

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