Friday, June 21

"It's just...

One of those days... That a girl goes through" -Monica 

And I couldn't be happier for salted Carmel cake pops on this type of day...

Heres a couple of the other things that made me happy this week:

The relief of knowing that we have our new apartment, getting the keys, and doing a walk through; it's all real and now!

My new washi tapes collection that I got for my project life 

And my adventurous water for trying sheeps milk cheese, and veggie empanadas at dinner last night 

This im looking forward to:

Getting to sleep in our new apartment for the first time tomorrow night 
Getting to delve deeper into the packing process this evening 
Getting to start unpacking tomorrow, it's my favorite thing: organizing
Getting a chance to get to the farmers. Ariel Sunday morning / after the cable guy comes
Getting to do my first load of laundry/dishes. (huge sigh) 

The thing I'm not looking forward to, but I know my other half is stoked for... Getting to eat pizza for dinner for the next three evenings; let's be real. Delivery pizza is easy and quick, and the best meals for packing moving, especially with reserves coming to assist

I hope everyone has a fabulous first summertime weekend, drink a cocktail for me, go to a picnic tell me how it is...

Do you have any tips or tricks for packing that I should know? 

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