Tuesday, April 9

Balancing act

So one of my news years resolutions was to be girl-y... And as easy it is to take more time putting my outfits together, wear lipstick daily, and curl my hair once in a while, I still haven't been able to the one thing that I have yearned to do since I was the tender age of three. Wearing pretty girls heels/ wedges...

I know it "takes time", "you gotta learn," they say, "practice, practice, practice," I hear you co-worker, I hear you... But I wanna do it now... Yep I whine. Deal with it. But I really want to be able to be pretty in the new wedgy summer sandals I bought for this season, but I can't even walk the three blocks it takes me to get to work before I am dying to get to work so I can put on the flats I brought in my bag..

I need help, tips, advice. I would be happy with any.

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