Tuesday, March 26

Grocery shopping dilemma

I'll start off swiftly and get to the point ... I have a couple of questions this morning. First one; how often do you go grocery shopping? Second; how many stores do go to to get the task to hand achieved ? Third; how much do you spend? In correlation; How many are you buying for?

I love grocery shopping... I could spend hours at the store going up and down every aisle and, usually i do; well I'm writing today to vent a bit about the whole process... I understand that you need food to survive, nutrition I get it... And I also get the fact that when grocery shopping it can and should be healthier than food you get at restaurants when eating out. And it's more frugal (or it should be) making your' own meals. I'm not trying to say differently, but how can you eat healthy and frugally... Because seeing what I got last night, which was healthy food for the most part (I like snacks, and I went shopping right after work, and pmsing... So there were definitely some extra goodies) and the total the trip came out was ridiculous in my opinion.

So how do frequent shoppers and healthy eaters do it? That's what I would like to know.

Granted we haven't been on a very consistent schedule and I'm pretty sure the last time we went really grocery shopping was about three weeks to a month ago :-/. Disturbing I know, but having two busy inconsistent schedules, and social lives to manage we haven't had time/ the desire to be responsible healthy adults.

But I'm back on the wagon and I would like any advice anyone can give :)

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