Monday, May 13

bordeom indused sorry

the salon is working on the floors for the next three weekends, so on mondays i dont get to go in to work till 12. seems like a gift, yes, and i am very glad.... i was so excited this weekend knowing that i would get two more hours in the morning to ease into the day. I didnt realize that waking up at my normal time would be too much time...

I'm bored

i have another hour and fifteen minutes and 24 seconds till i take my leave. ha, help!!!
 what should i do ? what is your daily routine? what could i do to help maintain my time.

i already made my lunch, did the dishes, cleaned up the bathroom, bedroom, drank my coffee, and read all the blogs i read on the daily.... so.... ya

i guess im just here to waste time and hopefully get the habit started again

stay cool everyone

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