Thursday, March 14

pandoras' (boom)box

pandora is a life saver... thats a given, right?

you choose what you want to hear... you either thumbs up or thumbs down songs according to your preferences. win win, make as many stations as you want. plus. shuffle. plus. hear things you have never heard, for free... plus. its not as good as iTunes when it comes to that feature, (minus) but at least you get to hear whole songs instead of snigbits, plus. it has other draw backs, as in its similar to the radio and it really only play certain songs, and it also puts random artists in the stations that don't make sense to me at all, minus... but this post is supposed to be an adoring post so i wont go into more draw backs...

thanks to Pandora radio i have come to conclusion that i like country music... insert deep sigh here... and a discouraging maaaaaan...i don't know how it happened... but I'm not gonna deny it, ill accept it. and just embrace it... there. i said it. i like it. happy? :) i know my girl friends, who all listen and prefer it to other types of music will be ecstatic, good things they don't read this... so i can just secretly listen to for free and get deeper and deeper into its grasps thanks to Pandora...

so who wants to come with me to a little town in either Tennessee or Alabama and drink whiskey on a porch while fanning ourselves until the sun goes down and we go to bon fire and dance with fire flies and wildflowers making it smell lovely... yes, that's what every song makes me feel like i need in my life... or killing my ex-boyfriend... i love you and twangy self Miranda Lambert!!! 

that's it .. have a great Thursday

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