Monday, February 25

Healthy ain't easy

I am a very unhealthy eater. I am not ashamed to say it out loud. I eat horrible things. Most of my favorite things have no nutritional value what so ever. But I'm trying to be make a healthier change to my everything this year. And diet is one of the most important on my check list.

I have a feeling that baiting and switching is gonna be one of the only way I can force myself into this new lifestyle.

Dont get me wrong. It's not like I live off of go girls and cheetos. Trust me I would if I could. I have been pretty lucky thus far with my metabolism... Thanks dad. I can basically eat what I want and not worry about gaining extra lbs to show for it. I'm not saying I'm skinny but I tend not to fluctuate between gorging myself stupid.

My favorite foods are broccoli, amy kind of chips, cucumbers, and popcorn... Two for two ain't bad right? Right, moving on. This was not important, but I just wanted to try and justify to myself that Im not doing that bad diet wise, It didn't work, and now, I feel worse about myself.

I am notorious for comment the cardinal sin of grocery shopping while hungry.
And if the off chance arises that i do somehow end up with fresh produce in my cart, it usually gets put in the drawer of the fridge and just goes bad, which results in me throwing it away when it's time to go grocery shopping again... But it's a new year. Time to try new things... Right?! Right!!! So here is another attempt at meal planning and waking up early enough to make my lunch daily for work. Which evidently kills four birds(resolutions) with one stone, that's a medium size bird family.

But man oh man... It's tough. At least is it for me. Grocery shopping is not an easy task for me folks, my lists are unorganized even after I go through five drafts before I get to my final menu/list. I go back in forth up and down that one aisle looking for that one stubborn item I know is hiding from me on the third aisle from produce. I get frustrated and end up just moving on to the next item on the list, hopefully while I'm crossing things of my list, that hidden item get a false sense of security and wiggles its way back to the front of the shelf thinking I'm gone for good... I (no joke) will go back and circle the aisle and repeat the ridiculous game of hide and seek three more times. I lose every time. Rather than being a big girl and just asking for help. The clerks even ask me as I'm pushing my cart past every sign and just stop and search down the aisle while blocking the way for everyone else trying to grab the quinoa. Yep. That was me. Sorry :(. It always ends with me angrily grumbling to myself while i sluggishly push my cart missing one item to the check out line. I am a horrible grocery shopper. It takes me usually 2-2.5 hours every two weeks. Basically taking my whole day off shopping/parking/finding places to put it in my mini fridge/one cabinet of pantry space.

On a lighter and positive note, I have been doing pretty good this week. It's Monday. I went grocery shopping on Thursday. And i have made all of our dinners/and taking my lunch to work. I am happy / healthy and saving money. Three wins especially for a Monday. Alas, I sure do hope this meal planning/ cheap and easy recipe finding/ grocery shopping's like a good habit that gets easier after time. Because right now there I feel like its taking too much effort and time for little ol me. I'm busy. You know working/ project lifting/ becoming the lord of catan To get healthy and stay that way. ;)

Do you have any tips about grocery shopping? Meal planning? Any Recipes you recommend ?

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