Wednesday, June 8

what i did wednesday...

I decided that today I would start a what I did Wednesday post, I don't know how entertaining these will really ever be; but at least it'll (they will) give me a little insight into my past when i read these, seeing how i have never really had a great (or even good) memory... just being real. so here goes nothing. lets delve into June sixth, two thousand and eleven; shall we? :)

so for starters; as is routine for everyday; i snoozed for two hours (today I was too anxious to snooze for my typical two hours; i only snoozed till eight thirty) got ready for my day then convinced the beau to walk with me to work. its pretty easy since the pup usually needs to go for his morning exercise slash potty pit stops. stopped by the CVS to get some much needed energy for the morning... I am a huge caffeine addict,  then walked around the corner to the salon where I said my usual awkward goodbyes to the main men in life and waited anxiously for my coworker slash buddy to arrive...

I was having a horrible hair day yesterday, it was just bugging me. every time i looked in the mirror i hated what was i seeing on top of my dome. so I took the liberty of checking my friends book at work in the three minutes of free time i had, and was elated to see that he had the morning off... and since Wednesdays are usually my days off i put myself on his books ;) To my surprise he agreed and we booked out a couple hours to do the keratin protein treatment. As per usual my skeptical mindset automatically engraved months ago that this treatment might be a "miracle" for women everywhere and how beautiful and easier it makes their hair; i couldn't believe it. so about an hour and a half later her turns me around to the mirror; and I'm stunned; shocked even... my hair now looks like a normal person. i know that's weird to say, but trust me; the before and after is incredible; granted its only been about 10 hours all i can say is that i hope it lasts for the expected three months.. i have had two friends who didn't know i was doing it today say; holy shit.... your hair looks normal. straight. "EEP! i know right?!" is my response.

so after the hair transformation me and my miracle worker go to a much needed "light" lunch at mikuni's around the corner from our salon, and we have a feast; well a roll each, and two appetizers; because i owe him big time... 

this is where my day gets boring ;) so bear with me.. i go home and decide to go "dispute my cell phone bill" to my friend panda; basically just because i missed her; and then she was going on her break so i let her go put wax on her new braces; poor thing is in so much pain... and i headed home and sat on the couch to watch another episode of my new obsession; big love. THANK YOU HBO for the goHBO app on the ipad; you have caught me up on true blood before the dvd for season three came out; given me a few nights of documentaries to subside my boredom while the house i live is watching f1 races; and my newest guilty pleasure big Love... i love Ginnerfer Goodwin, and her character is adorable.. and i know its a fictional show about polygamy and it has no real information; but any kind of perception into other ways of life entice me and entertain me so much... just like sister wives does :) (thanks TLC) so i finished the episode i started at the salon this morning then i cleaned my bedroom; organized my section of the closet a little better; felt accomplished.... so i decided to reward myself by watching another episode of big love.

then the beau came home and we started to watch a documentary from this Fin-ish (is that right?) man who made a piece about the nuclear power issue and the tunnel Finland was making to try and contain the waste for 100,000 years so the world doesn't implode... thank goodness my wife slash neighbor asked me to go target. i happily accepted the offer because i ran out of toothpaste today and i needed to sleep tonight so i couldn't watch it anymore ...

when i returned from target the beau was still tinkering with his latest hobby slot cars, so i decided to... guess?

yep;  why not watch yet another episode of big love? Don't judge me i'm entirely impulse driven! and then i decided to make myself a little tapa's type dinner which was a lot more appetizing that i thought they were gonna be. Thanks target for always making me buy something other than what i entered you for; but don't worry i got the items on my shopping list; toothpaste and ice cream (as requested by the mister who i think might have a bloodstream pumping ben and jerrys to keep him alive) then after the episode concluded i made myself a cocktail and went on the porch to enjoy the glorious evening and also take part in one of my many vices... damn you nicotine.. you get me everytime i open crown royal ;).

this is the view from my porch, the house right across the way is my wife/best friend liz's house... where i am currently sitting. but if you can notice the brown and white being that will probably be in most my pictures is my boyfriends 55+ pound four year old "puppy" who i think thinks sitting on my foot either means he is protecting me or that he owns me... either way he doesnt really give me more than five centimeters breathing room while im home.. not that im complaining i love the guy; just saying you might be seeing him a lot.. so get used to his pretty mug and say hello to snoop.

start rant
and as i sit her on my wife's love sac with little Walter; blogging; when a song from our past comes on it makes me really happy for every long night; silly show; shitty drive; drunken stumble; text conversation that meant the world; tattooed boys embrace; the hope and yearn to be his; the blindness i had for the overrated the band boys i pined for and chased around the state; (I'm not saying i was groupie; i was just trying to change the ones i couldn't) i couldn't be happier for the way things turned out... i learned so much from them; with them; pushing them; running from them... i wouldn't be who i am for the past. sorry for the tangent.. just happy i can still text them and tell them their song was on and how it made me smile and not resent them... that's all i am really saying.. 
end rant :)!

Well that brings me to the present. sorry that was so drawn out and lacking detail; im still tryiin to get used to this thing. and the more i do the easier itll become right? right. so thats my day.. and its basically over; im gonna go back to my place and take part in a little night cap; watch the hit nbc show "the voice" ( i am sad to say i love that show... might because adam levine and blake shelton are both delicious) and eat some ice cream... mhmmm... thanks for lurking :)

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Liz said...

I finally just read this. I love you.

ps; you're overdue for a new post ;)