Tuesday, May 31


so here goes my un-teenth time at trying to create a blog...
i really hope this time sticks.

I need to get into the habit of doing it so it works. so let me start off by giving my purpose of doing this. I know that my life is uber boring and I don't see how anyone could possibly be interested in my person life. however, there is a tiny twist to why I'm trying to gain followers and new online friends. I am a hairstylist in Sacramento. I currently started my career over to learn all i finally could from one of the best stylist in one of the best salons in town. I have was working for the past five years in a small college town called Davis. Where i was stuck in a rut, so I took a chance and a huge side step off the path of content that i was going down; which has been a huge deal for me and put my wallet on a diet and put everything included in my "life" into a whirlwind of chaos. So I'm basically starting this blog to help reach out to the ladies of the Sacramento area who would be willing to get there hairs done for free.. i can assure you that i do know what i am doing and the word "class" is a formality. I am constantly needing models for all types of classes dealing with hair. you name it, I'm probably doing it sooner than later. Like I said I'm not very pro verse with this whole blogging thing. so bare with me. i will eventually get it to be more and more about me as i get more comfortable with it. i just really wanted a way to reach out and let people know what classes i have going on in the near future.

the only bad part about the classes is that i usually don't know what the class is going to be until the week before (if even) and most classes (except for make-up) are usually in the am hours of 9-12ish Tuesday and Thursday

so please please stay tuned and be patient :)

nice to meet you, my name is ckah

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