Thursday, September 18

Wedding Blog!

I knew i would want to make a wedding blog in some shape or form; i just didn't know when i finally got to get married that the content would make its own blog on its own... so I have decided to still keep this a personal blog with wedding tidbits and posts, keep it about the pretty little details things that i can't live without and the craftiness of the things and projects to come...

and start a whole new blog about the logistics and the construction/demolition of the wedding elements... trust me it needs more than a blog... so stay tuned with both blogs to get the nitty gritty... and most likely see me ugly cry a couple of times.. hahaha

if you can't tell I am so excited to get married, I want it right now... but everyone tells me it goes by so fast, so why not make it last forever? thats what we were thinking... so the link is below, come share our journey with us, and we become one and take on a whole new slew of things... hope we can survive ...come take a looksee at the joint (thats right, Bk will be taking part, kicking and screaming) effort:
(it goes live tomorrow, one year exactly till our wedding)

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