Sunday, May 18

The Sunday skinny: May 18th

Well it's been a week! Phew. Here's how my week worked out. (That wasn't supposed to be phunny... Sorry; I'm just unintentionally cheesy)

This weeks life tweaks include brown rice instead of white rice. More Water; ounces upon ounces of the stuff. Green tea instead of soda. Some sort of physical activity every morning. 

Monday: woke up early and did my first DVD in my Box set of Fitness I got from amazon. It was milder than Jillian michaels which made me and my body happy during and after. It got my heart rate going early in the morning and got me to wake up. All in all a win win. I felt like it didn't work me out enough right after I was finished and that discouraged me. But after a few hours at work I could tell in my limbs and muscles that they were still humming from the stimulation earlier in morning. Huzzah. See body we can do this. 

I also made a simple and healthy lunch and snacks for me after the workout was over so that was a conscious and cost effective way to make things awesome for the week ahead; if I do say so. 

Before running out the door to work I made myself some breakfast for the first time in forever it seems. Just some peanut butter toast, simple, fast, portable, My go to...

Tuesday : woke up to realizing that the workout I did yesterday wasn't to weak after all. :-/. I realize how little upper body strength I really have. But had to power through. The fact that i didn't over excerpt myself the day before helped make me excited for yoga class bright and early at 6 am. The fact that bk was going with me didn't hurt either. I'm so thankful that he is on board the skinny train too. I need to mention I am the most uncoordinated slash unbalanced person alive(or at least I know). So it's always a spectacle for everyone in class. But I love yoga. I love the burn and the stretch. I love the being done with my workout before I used to wake up. This is will be a weekly thing. It's goooooood. And I know it'll only get better. Woot!

Wednesday: needed a break, i was so sore from yoga

Thursday: still a little sore in some places... but powered through it. I did the second dvd in my box set later in the afternoon instead of my planned morning work out routine Im trying to get set up. I always have a lot to do on my day off and the earlier I do the majority of the work the better off the rest of the day goes. 

Friday: the third dvd in the box set is what I did today. 

Saturday: i work at nine, no thank you to waking up at four to get a work out in

Sunday: didn't do what i wanted to today... 

I went a little off schedule with what came with the box set; since I will be doing yoga tuesday mornings and taking a break on Wednesdays, until i don't get as sore as I have been currently. let me tell you, I actually the soreness, the burn if you will, it makes me feel like I'm going somewhere... but being that sore and having allergies, it is so painful and pathetic; I'm in pain, sneeze, double over from the pain, laugh, be in the same pain again.. I'm an unfit mess... but back to the topic of the schedule change the dvds that I have are telling me I should be working out with one a day on monday, wednesday, and friday...  my plan is to keep the same schedule as this week for the upcoming weeks... I like the amount I'm doing and I love the yoga so heres hoping it doesn't kill me in the end...


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