Thursday, May 22

Life hack: watermelon

Watermelon is definitely a summer time staple. That's a given. Everyone Also knows the delicious flavor explosion of spiking the summer time refreshing snack with vodka. That's child's play. ;) 

I had a BBQ last night and let me express to you how much my mind was blown by tweaking the classic a bit. Scratch the vodka from the equation and add the refreshing and bright tastes of elderflower liquor. You will thank me later. 

So step one: obviously cut watermelon

Step two: put in bowl; submerge fruit in 2 cups elderflower liquor 

Step three: Saran Wrap bowl and place in fridge for 24 hours. (I only did mine for about 5 hours before serving; still delicous. But 24 hours would be fantastic)

Step four: eat responsibly 

Step five: send me a thank you card for blowing your usual watermelon out of the water. 

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