Friday, February 28

film fridays: Roll 1

I am so excited that my first roll has come back from . i love their quality, and their speedy return time, I liked the fact that I got an email before they sent me the cd of digital images, so I could see what I was getting back. I might even order some prints!!!

 I love the idea of seeing whats been developed from the past. Actually, so much time has past I sadly don't remember when I took these shots. but I love the look of black and white film, its beautiful. I also enjoy seeing what my thought process was; how artsy I was trying to be; trying to hone my "eye"; makes me giggle a little at myself (which is healthy once in a while). I wish there were more shots per roll... but the good news is there are more rolls on the way, so at least the whole process isn't over for me just yet... and now that spring is right around the corner I need to whip out my little blue lightbox of picture taking and see what other things I can capture.

so I'll stop rambling... the proof is in the pudding... here you go :

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