Friday, February 7

Film Friday

I have so many passionate hobbies that I start and really never follow through and keep them up. I guess that just a personality flaw. One of my resolutions for the year is to keep up with the hobbies that keep me positive and shine creativity. So I have decided that I am going to start developing the rolls of film I have stored and have done nothing with. I decided that I can start spending the $10 a roll and send one away every two weeks to And see what I have on those little vaults of fun times/ trying to be artsy. There might be gold. There might be. But I can't wait to see what my little Holga has produced!  To see what to I need to twerk and fiddle with to make better shots and all that jazz. So I sent in my first rolls in. Now to buy more film and see what comes of it!

im excited to see what comes back...

has anyone ever used the site? has anyone ever gotten any filmed developed from any online sites?

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