Friday, November 8

The beginning of the end

So the dreaded day has come. 
Wedding planning posts ! 

Sooooo it's been in the works for a while. The whole wedding idea and planning hub bub... But I finally am more excited than anxious about the whole situation. So here's the first of  way too many posts. You've been warned. 

I unfortunately am like everyone else when it comes to wedding pintrest boards.  I pin too many things. They're all a,axing and great. Luckily for my fellow pinners who follow my boards. My wedding boards are private so no one gets annoyed and I get to keep more of the whole event a surprise to  people attending. But this my precious little blog is my space and putting it here in one place instead being over looked by recipes, and home decor like it would be on pintrest. Here's what I've got so far: 

Season: fall

I've known from the beginning that my wedding will be in the fall. 
Man that sounds so grown up and fancy. Sheesh.
Anyways the fall is the perfect time for the two of us, we started dating at the end of August, became engaged on the 1st/2nd of September. So natural progession would be wedding in fall.
I have been watching the weather this year to determine when the right time for us would be.NAND originally I was thinking November would be best. But now that we are in November I'm. Pricing the sun is setting at like 3 pm and its freezing by 7pm. Also, ankhs giving, and Bks birthday is is month, so there's just already to much going on that I don't want to compete with. So I've decided mid to late October is the bees knees. Granted  I can't set an exact date yet because we don't have a venue, I assume they basically tell me when I can get married. 
Something is actually decided: 

Venue: Indoor/Outdoor 

I wouldnlove to be outside for the ceremony and then I would love love love the option of being indoor outdoor for the reception sadly that's all I have so far... I don't even know where to start looking, ugh
I know besides the budget this is the fist step, and then everything starts to fall into place. 
Its the searching out places which is the next step for me. I'm pretty sure I wanna stay in town. Sacramento?, Jackson?, Tahoe?, Clarksburg?, vineyard? Golf course? Rose garden?,
And preferably close to a hotel or the hotel that hopefully everyone will be staying.tomkeep,the shuttle cost option low?
Color scheme: white & gold 
I love gold! So. Much. It's disturbing. And white. It's clean and beautiful. So naturally I'm putting my two favorite colors together for my big day. 

Bridesmaid dresses: white 
As of right now I am deciding between gold and white. I want them to wear what they want. But of course I need to approve. Which I probably will. I havent told them formally yet because  im still not completely sure. I need more inspiration  pins to help me. But at least I know the major attribute of the color . I also know I'm going to be buying their dresses for them, but I dont know if  I'm going to have them do a wardrobe change like me in between the  ceremony and reception or if Im Just going to have them wear just one..

Groomsmen: semi formal
I know I don't want them too fancy. A nice slack, shirt, vest?, and a coat in case they or their date get cold ;). I'm considerate to my friends and guests. They will most likely be in gray and neutral tones

My dress.  
Wowzers. The dress. I don't even know where to begin.  So I have nothing yet except that I probably won't wear white because I'm so pale and a tan would look so alien on me. And the point is to look like yourself right ? I can't wait to go try some pretty things on. I do know however that I will most likely have two frocks at day/night. Whoop
update- i love mermaid and fit and flare apparently Decor: eclectic?
So I am a fan of tchotchkes. All kinds of little things. Gold and white things. Milk vases, and old soda bottles, ducks, and lobsters, thriftier everything either gold and white, and  of painted in the respective color schemes... I don't want flower center pieces I would like em in individual bottles lots of em. Probably like 7-9 on each table. 

Flowers: very simple
I am not nor have I ever been a real girly girl. I haven't ever really liked flowers too much. Yes they're pretty and they smell real nice. But since we're working with a budget that is still a mystery for me, I am not  planning or expecting (for) too much flowery expense(s). Just boquetsm for me and the girls with me. But those won't be lavish either.
 Mine, maybe ;) who knows. Not me ; yet anyways .
Also I don't even know the names or looks of flowers other than daisies, roses, and peonies. 
And even ei that knowledge I don't know  when their all in season or not

And this concludes it for now. Phew. .

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