Friday, February 15


Lately I have been just been feeling overwhelmed at work. Just super busy. After getting back from vacation a week ago. Then coming home and contracting a cold.

I've done pretty good on most resolutions thus far this year. Last month was good. This month will be better. I just need to get to it.

Step one: Bringing the positivity and putting the active back in my lifestyle.
Gonna start over with the jogging resolution. I need to get back into it.. I need to lose weight. Get more energy.

Step two: Keeping the health changes coming and to keep me thriving. Gotta work on a vitamin regimen some can get healthy and stay healthy, and not get every cold that sweeps through the salon.

Step three: I need to get hydrated. I need to. Water and me never have really gotten along real well. But it's time to bite the bullet and just choke it down; literally and figuratively.

Step four: Skin health. I got my face mapped a couple of weeks ago from our esti rep at work. I learned what I need and what I don't. But now I just need the funds to get the routine started..

Well that's my four February steps. Yes it's taken me literally half way through to decide what I'm gonna do, so its basically gonna be February / March resolutions until they become habit.

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