Thursday, January 17

its 8 am... do you know where your' day is?

I cant believe that I was up and at 'em at 6 this morning... SIX A M!!! on my day off... It was mainly because Bk has a busy day today... so I rolled out of bed a little after he did. Before the sun was up, I already got the dishes done, and it took me about 30 minutes sorting two hampers of laundry... yep we have a ton of laundry for me to do today... thank goodness for parents, and laundry facilities for free-zee-ies... instead of spending; I'll quote myself around $30 today at the laundry mat, no joke.

this is kinda scatter-brained and not using full thoughts, or sentences because I haven't had caffeine yet... I'm waiting to get out of the house before i start to get wired, and make today more fun before I have to crash and nap... so bare with me...

time for the rest of agenda:
  • do taxes
  • go pick up a clients flat iron at cosmoprof
  • go to cvs print a picture for my project life scrapbook
  • drive to elk grove to parents house (do laundry for hours....jeeze)
  • cut dads hair
so that's my day. and it will probably take me all day do such... happy Thursday ... what are your plans?

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